The Kingdom of God

Seeking the Kingdom

God Has A Thousand Ways

God has a thousand ways to answer ev’ry prayer,

And when I stand in need I know that He is there,

No good will He withhold, from children of His care,

A thousand ways has Jesus, to answer ev’ry prayer.


Whilst the song appears not to have a copy right, I have taken the words from:

“Sing Out – 401 choruses for youth and adults” - Youth Ventures 1972


This old song reminds us that God has many different ways of helping us, of answering our prayers. But which way has God chosen to help us? In order to live our lives in obedience to our Heavenly Father, we need to hear from Him which way He has chosen. So often we can limit God because we are not willing to accept the way God has chosen to do it for us. We expect God to act in a certain way and to our dismay He decides to do it differently.


Below are a variety of articles that can help us understand the Kingdom of God better. It is a Kingdom that appears to be full of paradoxes, yet it is a Kingdom that makes perfect sense once we accept that God knows best (His ways are higher than our ways).


We need to remember that the kingdoms of this world are world orientated with worldly values. The Kingdom of God is not of this world, it has heavenly values and as such the paradoxes are, in reality, the clash of two kingdoms, the world’s and God’s.


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